Use rattan material in interior design

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Use rattan material in interior design

Bringing natural beauty and rustic, rattan furniture is increasingly used in interior design, bringing to light, gentle feeling, glorified slow lifestyle and harmony with nature.

In modern homes, bamboo and rattan material has become one of the popular choices. Bamboo is not only beautiful, but also cheaper than other building materials such as wood or stone. Rattan products are used including tables and chairs for living rooms, loungers, screens, blinds and baskets ... Each product has its own very simple but still very modern beauty, Luxury, not to be confused with any other materials in the interior space.
Bamboo, one of the four trees in the quarter, is deeply appreciated by Vietnamese people and contains many deep philosophies. Bamboo objects symbolize peace, longing and happiness. Therefore, in the modern house, under the skillful hands of artisans, bamboo material can appear in all space. The gentle connection of the bamboo body creates a solid, durable floor for the floor as well as wood floor. The bamboo interwoven interwoven into the partition space is also a unique highlight in the interior design. In the kitchen, bamboo is pressed and processed with stringent processes into beautiful and durable kitchen cabinets.

The soft, resilient yarns bring the interior elegance and sophistication. With a living room, an elegant sofa set with a thick mattress brings a romantic feeling that is no less modern. The rattan dining table combined with candles, mirrors and chandeliers will add a classic touch to the dining room. Or simply the chairs on the porch will bring you moments of peace and enjoy coffee and breakfast. Wherever you are, the items made from the clouds are always attractive to all eyes.

Rattan material can also bring endless artistic inspiration for living space. At present, many rattan furniture are stylized to enhance the novelty of interior design. Beautiful cloud lanterns, bamboo ornamented bamboo lanterns, etc., created by this material, also helps the owner to express the style as well as inspire the decoration of the room. In particular, the combination of bamboo and colors close to nature such as green, yellow, yellow brown ... can also make a wonderful combination.

Homes using bamboo rattan furniture should be large, dry and less damp. Bamboo should be light, clear bamboo. Clouds should choose a type of tapered, long and even color, the surface of the product must be smooth, glossy, especially the joints are not rough or convex. Especially, in the interior design, the selection of items from this material should pay special attention to the harmony with the surrounding space so that the villagers can resonate with modernity in each place home.

Not only suitable for rustic countryside space, bamboo, which appears in the interior design of modern style can still bring its full charm and sophistication. The natural beauty of rattan, bamboo is the most characteristic of this material, bringing products that are close to nature and bold cultural values for living space.