Trends in bamboo and rattan furniture

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Trends in bamboo and rattan furniture

Many years back, Bamboo Rattan Furniture is a trend of interior design is chosen by many people. The rattan furniture is very durable for up to 50 years, elegant color gentle, natural origin is friendly to people and more important than reasonable price.

Over the years, environmental issues, work pressures, are making people extremely stressed and our lives are getting less and less due to pollution, stress, Our home is designed with professional interior design that will provide a real resting space. Entering the early years of the 21st century into the rotation of the world in the field of interior design has also transformed its own with new trends towards simplicity, harmony, simplicity and more importantly, Environmentally friendly (5 trends interior design living room 2016). Rattan Bamboo Furniture is a harmonious combination of simplicity and classic, highlighting the luxury and harmony of interior space, in addition to the natural origin of Rattan Furniture will make the house Your gentle, much more friendly.

As someone who likes creativity like the color you are afraid of traditional colors, bamboo and rattan furniture will not meet, you are mistaken with the current technology of painting paint on rattan is very simple and You can freely choose the color, without losing the natural beauty of bamboo.

Bamboo and rattan lamps are varied and aesthetically

In addition to using Rattan Bamboo in home decoration, bamboo and rattan are used more and more successfully in interior design restaurant, interior design bar cafe, ...

The set of bamboo and rattan table knit fashion with subtle color.

In addition to other outstanding features, bamboo and rattan furniture is also very easy to create and bring many impressive designs. Flexibility to create many fancy shapes when combined with appropriate interior space will create many interesting effects.

Beautiful bamboo knit sofa.

Bamboo and rattan furniture can be found everywhere in the house: bed, bamboo sofa, bamboo rattan light ... Another advantage is the price is very reasonable and Vietnam is a knit kingdom with Many hundreds of old villages.

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