The walls are less boring with unique bamboo or rattan decorations

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The walls are less boring with unique bamboo or rattan decorations

Just bring the feeling of friendliness to create a unique breakthrough, the ornaments made of bamboo and rattan are the things you can not ignore.

In recent years, the trend of using rattan wicker is becoming more and more popular not only in domestic market but also in other countries in the world. Rattan wicker is especially loved by the friendly, close to nature. Woven bamboo is also very safe for the user. Moreover, the price you have to spend on each piece of bamboo rattan is always much lower than the home accessories such as metal furniture, glass ...

The products made from bamboo and rattan are used to decorate the walls of the house more eye-catching, lively.

Your guests will not be able to take their eyes off the artfully decorated walls.

You can easily find these bamboo rattan items in the water to decorate the family space more attractive.

Not only used to make furniture as furniture, bed, bamboo rattan items are also used as decorative accessories. There is a very unique, new and impressive idea that you can start doing right now is to use products from bamboo rattan to decorate the wall. Rather than decorate the walls with expensive artwork, you now have a much more economical option that is not inferior to aesthetics.

You can apply this style of decor to every wall in the family.

The living room will look impressive when it comes to owning a wall like this

You need to choose rattan items with dimensions corresponding to the size of the walls of the house.

You can apply the rules hanging wall when using rattan products to decorate.

The mothers and mothers used in the past can now use to decorate the wall like this technology.

The rustic, rustic kitchen is also well suited to this décor.

Rattan woven products make the walls more eye catching.

If you are still unfamiliar with the bed area, this is a suggestion.

The old bamboo and rattan products are thoroughly utilized through skillful hand-drawing of eye-catching motifs.