How to use and maintain rattan furniture beautifully

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How to use and maintain rattan furniture beautifully

Bamboo and rattan are the traditional materials of Vietnam, bamboo and rattan are widely used in furniture production and are popular in Vietnam and international markets. However, rattan furniture is susceptible to mold if you do not know how to use and preserve. Here are some tips for helping your bamboo rattan furniture to last forever.

1: Causes the bamboo and pebbles to become moldy and termite
There are two major causes of bamboo rust, mold, and termites. That is:
- Due to preliminary processing steps: Usually, the process of processing raw materials for rattan furniture must strictly comply with certain requirements. Whatever the reason, rattan processing requires only a slight malpractice can lead to severe damage later.
- Due to the high humidity of the used environment: Vietnam is a hot and humid climate, which also affects the life span of rattan furniture.

Rattan furniture easily moldy

2: Know how to use rattan furniture properly
Use rattan products in air-conditioned, dry environment.
Avoid rattan furniture for long periods of exposure to rain or sunshine.
Avoid leaving water directly on bamboo and rattan products, and clean the product regularly with a soft cloth.
3: How to preserve durable, beautiful rattan furniture
As soon as you buy rattan products, you need to dry 1-2 sun to dry and sterilize effectively.
If you want more thorough, you can spray disinfection before use to kill mold, termite in the product. Note that spray disinfectant is harmful to health, so when sprayed to be in a wide open, then wrapped products within 24 - 48h.
To avoid contact with water and chemicals, a glass can be used on the table surface. For large items such as furniture, you should wrap the legs of bamboo and rattan furniture with two-component epoxy adhesive.

Clean rattan furniture at least once a year

After one year of use, you should paint the bamboo rattan products once. And if you like the color you can paint oil (or PU paint). Oil paint, gloss paint and PU paint also protect bamboo rattan products very well, reducing the maximum ability of the attack. It is one of the ways to preserve, use and facilitate easy cleaning bamboo woven rattan.
Clean rattan items at least once a year. You can use a vacuum cleaner to get rid of dirt in the crevices. When cleaning, you should use a small broom or soft cloth to avoid scratching the item. Use a soft cloth or rubber sponge to soak up some soap water to clean it, avoiding the use of strong detergents that can damage the surface of the product.
Avoid spilling chemicals on the appliance. If you accidentally drop a drop of purple ink on your chair, quickly wipe it right away to avoid ink penetration in the material will be difficult to erase.