Beautiful house with strange bamboo and rattan furniture

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Beautiful house with strange bamboo and rattan furniture

Winding for space with rattan furniture is both lightweight and friendly, easy to place in any space.
Trends in rattan or rattan furniture are gradually returning to the popular list of many. Do not stop at easy layout: from the living room, kitchen, garden, ... anywhere you like; It also offers classic, harmonic and warmth of living space. This trend also helps to satisfy the host's love of nature thanks to its simple, light texture and design. If you are a person who likes classic, natural and harmonious lifestyles, then buying bamboo rattan furniture for private space is a hard suggestion to ignore.

The small bed cum sofa with matching brocade carpet, bring the rustic nature to the room.

When you want to look for bamboo rattan, do not skip past the old furniture stores. Maybe you will find many old and unique items that new furniture stores never have. Moreover, buying old antique imitation furniture also helps you save a little money.

The more ancient the cloud is, the more unique and classic the hard to find elsewhere.

Do you like the style of bamboo knitwear but do not like the colors of it? This is something you can hardly do with other types of furniture: paint them new. Start with simple color spray and take a little hard that you have a fake rattan with the desired color.

Paint vibrant colors for rattan is also a refreshing effect that not all materials can fit.

Outstanding and most popular in the "ranks" imitation rattan furniture is a unique hammock chair. This is a one-of-a-kind chair that many families hunt for because of the fun experience and the high decor it brings. If you already own this chair, all you need to do is swing your chair on a comfortable pillow, enjoy the "fun" relaxation.

The rattan chair concentrates on the enjoyment of the viewer from the moment he enters the living room.

This type of chair is also suitable for airy space. Or to use it for the small balcony area of the apartment is also a great idea.

Because of the flexibility of flexible materials, bamboo rattan furniture has many strange shapes, sometimes strange. But do not be embarrassed by trying to show them in your space. If you know how to arrange a reasonable, "strange" interior that will make the house more attractive and beautiful.

Because the material is easy to handle, rattan and bamboo furniture has a lot of unique designs, suitable for many different styles.

A new way for those who like bamboo but still prefer modern style: natural seat with metal chair legs, simple design.

Rattan bamboo woven everywhere, not just wrapped in the living room. The bed head made of this material offers a flair, feminine and beautiful whether smooth or painted highlights. Adding a small table next to the same color will create the uniqueness for your bedroom. The garden is also home to fake furniture. If you own a spacious garden, why not buy a set of bamboo and rattan furniture, easy to clean and move when needed?

Not restricted in a living room space, bamboo and rattan are also suitable for sleeping space needs light and pleasant.

Creative idea: baby cradle from kid-friendly rattan.

In addition to furniture, rattan weaving also "wraped" into small decorative items or daily use, with natural features closer to modern life.

The rattan chairs in the sunlit courtyards, the green of the trees are typical images from a long time.