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About us


  1. About Viet  Style


-Viet Style Handicrafts Corporation was established in 2007

-Viet Style Hadicrafts Manufacturing Co., Ltd was established in 2012

-Our business range : Trading,manufacturing, exporting all kinds of handicrafts and furniture made of materials such as : Water hyacinth furniture,  wicker furniture , poly rattan   , wood .. .. .

-Employee: 4 employees.

-With 4 employees in 2007, 5 years after that , our company developed a factory with scale of 10,000 m2 and 80 employees.

-In 2015, our company continued growing upmore, with a 15,000 m2 factory, 100 employees and 300co-operative weaving workers.

-In 2019 , we continue to enlarge our factory scale to 20,000m2, with 120 employees and 500co-operative weaving workers. The turnover USD 5,500,000 (US dollars five million five hundred thousand, equivalent to 500 containers)


  1.  Our main business-range :

-Manufacturing and exporting handicrafts, furniture woven from plastic wicker, and natural materials such as: rattan, water-hyacinth, wood . . ..

-We are working as sales agents for many companies from small to large scale who are specialized in manufacturing and exporting many different industrial fields such as: furniture , Ceramic, plastic, food and vegetable, food industry, frozen products, packaging, buildingmaterials, agricultural products, handicrafts, gifts…

-We also work as a sourcing agent and a consolidator for clients.


  1. Why do you choose  Viet Style’s service to co-operate with ? 

-With 18 years of experience in doing business, ofwhich 14years of experience as the Director of Viet Style, Mrs Kieu has developed the company from zero level to higher range with a turnover of five million dollars per year.

We are confident of our strengths and experience as follows:

+ Instead of a factory that employs exporting sales staff, which is inefficient and always passive in personnel, Viet Style provides this service to factories/clients , they are assured of the output with low costand orders will be followed up well by us .

+You use our service without paying any cost.

+ We will give customers1 free day of final inspection for each order to ensure good quality before shipment. If customers want us to control quality from seal sample, in-line, finalinspection, Pls kindly pay us 1% fee for transportation .

+ Experienced QC team

+Regularly update you status of orders being produced at the factory.

+Understand the Vietnam market very well and know many good manufacturing companies at competitive prices

+ Experienced in importing and exporting documents, tax policy and other procedures in Vietnam .

+ Experienced in many different product lines.

+ Much experienced in finance.

+ Much experienced in costing.

+ Available factories, warehouses, showrooms

+ Hard-working, professtional, fast and dediated Sales team.

+ Experienced in developing new samples.

+ Experienced in working with large clients around the world such as: TJX, ADEO , CONFORAMA,XXLUZT , JYSK CANADA, FALLABELA ….


-We have a good relationship with many port managers, minimizing of container dropping due to being late for closing time.

  1. What benefits do you have from using our service  ?

-We know Vietnam market very well. If you do not needcertificatessuch as BSCI, smecta. .from supliers , we will introduce you good manufacturingfactories who work as subcontractors for big exporitng companies. You will save much cost and earn more profit from 15-25% .

-If you are a retailing company, selling variety of products supplied by different suppliers with small quanity, we will help you to consolidate goods from many suppliers and ship them to you.And each container you just pay us for this service as follow:

+ 20 feet container : $800

+ 40feet container : $1,000.

-If you are a medium or large company, in order to saveexpenses from renting office , staff salary . . .you do not need to set up a representative office in Vietnam. We will help you to find out good suppliers , follow up orders and control quality.

-We aim to create  good quality products, reasonable price, on time delivery, good services and   our  sologan “ SUCCESS TOGETHER "


We are looking forward to receivingyour corporation and support.

Many thanks and Best Regards,